EnviroDrone is a Canada and US-based private company which designs and fabricates intelligent UAV's to accuretly map crops, mining sites, quarries, forests, construction sites, etc. When designing a new small ducted-fan VTOL UAS model to serve the environmental sector, the company has attained the effectiveness of a quality camera solution and the geospactial softward used to process these images.

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Over the past two years EnvD has completed research, design, manufacturing, and testing on a highly advance unmanned aerial system (UAS); This include the drones, components and peripherals, ground control station saoftware, and mapping software.  In February (2017) EnvD completed testing on their UAS. However, when it comes to testing drones in different climates and environments EnvD plans to go beyond what is expected to ensuring the drones meet the standards of various international regulatory bodies. From this information, ENVD will refine performance and repeat the process as much as needed until the capability and overall user experience is met. EnvD has officially launch the drone-data-servies in March. Therefore, the systems are being utilized in-house. EnviroDrone is preparing for full-scale hardware production in the coming months.  

How does your innovation work?

The EnviroDrone is a complete unmanned aerial system that includes mission planning and flight planning software that runs smart phone or tablet. Using an intuitive interface you are able to outline the area you want surveyed, or plan an exact route for the drone. EnviroDrone is creating one of the safest, and most secure drone operation platform on the moarket. Control is coupled with real-world safety features to include real-time and near-time unmanned aircraft overlays with airspace advisory warnnings on controlled airspace. Unpacking the drone and getting ready for launch takes less than 2 minutes. At the push of a button, the drone launches into the air and begins working. Our drone is aware of everything around you, and will keep you fully updated and focused on your mission. When it’s time to land, our system gives you the option to land in an assisted mode where the drone is guided manually for pinpoint landings. Immediately after landing, the photos and data from your flight are downloaded. Effectively analyze fields, forests, quarries and other environments down to astonishingly precise detail. If the analyzing task seems daunting, we’re always glad to help you unleash the power of your data.

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

- Videos
- Test Flights
- Case Studies

Do you have current users or testers?

Yes, we're working with multiple farmers in Southern Ontario. 

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

EnviroDrone is conducting pilot projects to showcase the technology on a broad scale. Their primary market is agriculture, which makes-up 80% of the commecial drone industry. By working with various famers they will be able to modify the outputs to facilitate various crop types. This will enhance the platform, which will become a critical tool in the agriculture work-flow. We look to become a key drone data service provider (on-demand agrologists). Instead of aquiring services, tech-savy famers may wish to purchase a system. We also look to launch our pre-sale in the Spring of 2017. By gather insightful data we will present a new solution that will distrupt the drone industry in both hardware and services.


Next Steps

EnvDs embraces the tools, programs, resources and support needed in order to sustaining growth, development and success. Climate Venture 2.0 will enabled EnvD to launch the venture, connect with academia, provide education and networking opportunities to accelerate business in the commercial drone market. In conclusion, the EnvD team cordially appreciates the kindness of the Good Company Group for allowing us to participate and present precious technical documents and data for the means of pursuing the high-growth drone market.

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